Hopefully you have read up on our new favorite home store, Lafayette & Rushford in our Shop Small section.  While their Baldwin Park store is our go-to, they were previously located in Winter Park but their mothership is located in beautiful little Dunedin, FL.  A while back, shortly after becoming friends with one of the owners, Kristen, who is responsible for the amazing Baldwin Park store, our friends Brian, Steven and I decided to make a trip to Dunedin to pick up some product and check out the original location.  Let’s just say, it was an adventure but it was also a great day trip.

Fun fact: Dunedin has one of the highest numbers of craft breweries per capita in the US.

Dunedin is located about 2.5 hours from Orlando on the west coast of Florida right near beautiful Gulf of Mexico shoreline.  It has bars, restaurants, beaches, bed and breakfast’s…basically everything you could want and need for a great trip.  We left later than we had originally wanted and hit some bad traffic on the way given it was the Easter holiday but we finally got there around 3:00PM.  We hit up the original L&R first and boy were we not disappointed.  It is probably about double the size of the Baldwin location and has much more storage allowing for a ton more product.  The best part about these stores is that every single thing in there is for sale from the candles to the tables to the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  This is like a decorator wet dream come true and we couldn’t get enough.

When we introduced ourselves to Laurel, the manager of the store, she immediately knew who we were and reached to the back counter to retrieve a couple items I have been pestering Kristen about ever since she teased me of their existence: travel men’s manicure and grooming kits in a rustic hounds tooth style fabric with zipper embellishments.  Needless to say, I bought them both along with several other things.

Little secret: I love a fun cocktail napkin and these stores have an endless supply to which I absolutely can not say no.

Anyways, we made our way around the store finding more and more items each time we made a lap.  We were even taking pictures of things in the store that we thought would sell well back in Orlando so Kristen could add them to our product stash we were kindly relocating.  In the end, we left with a full bag of stuff for ourselves and two more bags and six boxes of stuff for the store.

By this time, we were starving and decided to go to another business that the family owns, Woodwright Brewing Company.  Not only are they known for their stellar beer brewed on-site, they also have a permanent food truck, Coattails Kitchen.  Let’s start with the beer: Brian and I went with the Belgian Golden Ale that carried a hefty 10% ABV while Steven went with a lighter (but dark in color) Schwarzbier at 4.8% ABV.

Once we had our beers, we found a table and made our way to order some food.  While Coattails has a limited menu, what they do offer far makes up for the lack of offerings.  We went with over half of the menu: charcuterie+cheese, the Copendaagen hot dog, pub chips, a warm soft pretzel, and the Warsaw wontons.  The charcuterie plate was simple but fantastic; the hot dog was topped with crispy shallots which gave it a delicious crunch; the chips came with a housemate aoli which could be used on everything we ordered; the pretzel served with a beer cheese; and finally the wontons with a mouth-watering herb crème fraiche…we barely chewed, everything was so great.  You can follow them on Instagram and see their ever changing menu here.

After a couple of beers and all that food, we made our way back through the adorable downtown area to the car to start our trek home.  On our way, we popped into a vintage candy store and proceeded to buy out all of the vanilla tootsie-rolls they had for Steven…actually 80 to be precise, we left one in the large cylinder candy dish just in case a wayward child wondered in wanting one.  I don’t think the candy store lady knew what to do with herself when Brian walked up with that giant candy dish haha.

It was a fun day and I can’t wait to get back out there.  I’m already looking forward to doing a weekend out there and bring Andrew this time to check out more of the local restaurants, breweries and shops.


William Campbell
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