Our good friend Wesley Boyce is our featured friend this week. We met Wes through one of our besties on New Year’s Eve of 2012. Through some crazy misadventures that included pizzas, yelling cab drivers and misdirection, Wes ended up crashing on our couch that night. You know you’ve made a new friend when you let someone you’ve just met sleep in your home and borrow clothes to sleep in…fortunately for us, he wasn’t a serial killer. The next morning, we got Wes back to his car and he insisted on taking the clothes he borrowed. He shows up to our other besties house for our annual New Year’s Day festivities (read: lots of eating and drinking) and this little southern gentleman has not only washed the clothes that he had borrowed but also brought us a bottle of champagne and a bottle of wine. This quickly solidified our friendship. We’ve had many fun times along the way and he has also become my hairstylist as well as many of our friends.


Wes, or WeBo to his friends, is a master hair stylist at WeBo Creative Concepts as well as a Regional Education Manager for the amazing hairline Kenra. You can read about a couple Kenra products that I love here. With his new role at Kenra, he doesn’t have much time to be behind the chair anymore but he still makes exceptions for long-time clients and friends…yours truly included

In his his role as Brand Manager, Wes travels the country and the world in some cases to educate salon teams about the products. He is also an active participant in many of the large hair shows including Premier here in Orlando. In addition to that, Wes has taken an active role in Kenra’s involvement with their charity of choice, The Rapunzel Project. 

Let’s have a little kiki with Wes so he can tell you more about his adventures behind the chair, on the road with Kenra and the amazing cause that is The Rapunzel Project…


How did you first get into this business?

That’s a great question and a long story! I will save the minor details, but ultimately I landed a job through working retail as a store manager for Sally Beauty Supply in Middle TN. Through my time managing different stores, I was acquainted with all types of people in the beauty industry, and they kept telling me that I would be really good as a hair stylist because of my willingness to connect to people. Before I knew it, I had signed up for hair school in Nashville and ten years later, here I am!

Have you ever had any hairtastrophes behind the chair, especially when you first started out?

When I first started out, there was a woman who had white hair that wanted it to be red. I didn’t understand the law of color as well as I thought I did and applied straight red to her resistant gray hair. Well…it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that red and white make pink!!! That was an aha moment for me that I’ll never forget. The science of hair color has a lot more chemistry to it than people would think.

If you could redo any famous person’s hair, who would it be?

Geez, that’s a tough one. I don’t have any celebs in my mind that need to have their hair “redone” per se, but I WOULD love to be part of a team that worked on the set of TV shows… it would be really cool to be watching a show like Stranger Things and know that you helped create the looks for it. Fun fact: that show may or may not be using Kenra Professional products for some of their looks *wink wink*

How did you first get involved with the Kenra family?

I first got involved in the Kenra family by using their products. I fell in love with them around 2009 when I was working in a salon that had access to a plethora of brands, and I chose to use Kenra whenever I could because I loved the performance as well as the packaging. Later in 2011 I had ventured out on my own as an independent stylist and was offered a sample of their color line that had just launched. I used it on a guest and never looked back. Through a series of fortunate events, I accepted a position as a Brand Ambassador to Kenra Professional and shortly after became a full-time educator for the brand.

What is one of the most awesome things you’ve gotten to do in your role at Kenra?

I have been afforded so many wonderful opportunities while working for Kenra, but I would have to say that my favorite is being able to travel to all different parts of the country as well as the UK to spread the Kenra love and meet and work with so many amazing people in the industry.

What is The Rapunzel Project and how are you and Kenra involved?

The Rapunzel Project is an amazing non-profit organization founded by two cancer survivors dedicated to helping people potentially save their hair during chemotherapy through something called cold cap technology, a process that cools the scalp to subzero temperatures and freezes the follicle at its source, constricting blood flow so that the chemo drugs do not pass through to the hair. This is an amazing thing because cancer can sometimes work to strip away who we are physically, mentally, and emotionally, so being able to save a person’s hair helps them to maintain a sense of identity and normalcy, which is huge during those difficult times. Kenra has partnered with the Rapunzel Project to spread awareness and raise money to continue their mission of bringing the possibility of Cold Cap Therapy to everyone across the US.


How can someone else get involved with The Rapunzel Project?

If you are interested in learning more about Cold Cap Therapy, send an email to info@rapunzelproject.org and one of the two founders will personally email you back with any and all information you would like to know. If you know someone who has just been diagnosed with a type of solid tumor cancer, please email the Rapunzel Project so that they can assist in connecting you with the nearest cancer center that has tools in place. Even if there isn’t a facility with a freezer or capping machine present, you can still go through the process and they will explain how in great detail.

What does your participation with this organization mean to you?

My participation with RP was kind of a no-brainer to me. Being able to help people is something that I love about my own job in my own industry, so wanting to be able to help people in another realm on another level just comes naturally I guess. Through our partnership with them, I have seen the impact that this makes, and it is soooo important to be there for those who need it. It’s important for us all to stick together, and this is just one facet that may help change a person’s life for the good.

When do you leave again so I know when to schedule my next appointment? Haha just kidding…but no, really…

Wellllllll…. I’m gone on and off but I’m sure I can make time for you, Willard. Lol. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and help spread the love!


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