My awesome friend and former Maker of Awesome Facebookers at Facebook (really was his title) Mike Rognlien (Mikey to me) had this crazy idea to start his own consultancy firm and write a book after he left FB. He was pretty well known on the speaking circuit and has even done me a solid and spoke at one of my company’s summer workshops.  While many publishers reached out to him, what they wanted wasn’t what he wanted to write. They wanted the dirt, the gossip, the dirty behind the scenes of Facebook but he wanted to write about his passion, culture and ownership. 

Fast forward to today, May 7, 2018: Mikey has started a successful consultancy called Multiple Hats Management and the first shipments of said book arrived on people’s doorsteps, including my own. This Is Now Your Company: A Culture Carrier’s Manifesto is a book about taking ownership of whatever you are doing, even if it isn’t necessarily in the business world. No matter where you’re at in the career journey, TINYC (abbreviation cause that’s a lot to type out) has tips, tricks and stories that will get you motivated to own your journey. It will also help shine light on some things that could have a negative impact that you didn’t even know you were guilty of, trust me, I found a few of my own. 

With endorsements from industry leaders like Joseph Grenney (Crucial Conversations) and Ken Blanchard (The One Minute Manager) plus an endorsement from the amazing Marcus Buckingham (First, Break All The Rules), you know this book is legit. Because Andrew and I are a little ridiculous, we ordered nine copies…yup, NINE! Granted, we each wanted our own, I purchased three for my team and Andrew just likes to purchase things in excess.

No matter where you are at in life, this book will help set you up for future successes or help right some of the wrongs you’ve been doing. Take a minute to head over to his Amazon author page here and pick up your copy in whatever version you prefer. I personally have it in audio, ebook and hardcover of course.  Be sure to leave a review when you get a chance after reading and/or listening. You can also follow some of his insight fullness and witty banter on LinkedIn here and Instagram here.


Now get to reading!

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